Cutting The Lumber

The majority of truss components are cut on computer controlled saws. The Mitek Cybersaw is a multi-bladed saw that is automatically setup using design information created by the truss designer. This helps minimize the chance of human errors in the setup process of cutting. This saw is able to accurately cut longer runs of truss components in a shorter amount of time.

The Koskovich Omni Miser is a single bladed linear saw designed to quickly and accurately cut small quantities of truss parts. This saw also uses information from the truss designs and also optimizes the use of lumber, minimizing waste.

All of our floor truss webs are cut on the Monet FWA500. This saw is specifically designed to cut floor truss webs. The design of the saw allows us to quickly and accurately produce floor truss webs, helping us manufacture floor trusses of the highest quality.