Roof Truss Fabrication

Cut roof truss components are assembled into quality finished products on one of our two press lines using vertical pressing to embed the plates into the lumber. Vertical pressing creates a better quality truss with tighter fitting joints.

Our Mark VIII truss line has been customized over the years to maximize quality and production. We have taken a proven method of roof truss manufacturing and made it better! Using the Virtek laser templating system to assist the setup, trusses are jigged and assembled while adhering to strict dimensional tolerances. The Virtek system also helps ensure that the correct size plates are used and oriented in the proper direction. Trusses from the Mark VIII pass through a finish roller to ensure full embedment of the truss plates into the lumber.

Small trusses are assembled on the S Huot mini gantry. This line is the perfect fit for jigging and assembling smaller trusses that would not be efficiently manufactured on the larger Mark VIII line.